Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm fallin'

When discussing tree risk assessments we talk about looking for signs a tree is likely to fail.  The following pictures are of a white oak that some may argue is in the process of failure.  Let's take a look....

As we approach the tree, notice first the lean. What this picture doesn't show is the residence within 50ft of the tree's base.

Soil heaving, especially on the side of the tree opposite the lean, is pronounced.

Here we can see where large roots are separating from the soil.

Another image of large roots separating from the soil, and some resulting voids in the soil.
After discussing these issues with the client I discovered that 5 years ago this white oak was on the edge of a wooded area that had been cleared to make room for a new home lot.  This tree had spent most of its existence to this point with mature neighboring trees protecting it from wind and storm events on the side opposite of where it is now leaning.

By altering this tree's environment, a tree that may have lasted for years to come was turned in to a tree that is now at an extremely high risk for failure.

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